DaKemistry Orchestra

DaKemistry at Institute Francais


co-production of Musicultural Diplomacy and Les Petites Pierres

DaKemistry is a music / dance / spoken-word improvisation game orchestra inspired by the artistic community which is Les Petites Pierres in Dakar, Senegal. It is conceived and directed by Nathan Fuhr, Artistic Director and Chef d’Orchestre of Dakar’s Deggi Daaj International Festival of Drumsets and Dance. After a year of faithfully flowing with the Jeudi DJ soirees at LPP, Nathan got an idea… to create a performance forum in which ALL the diverse performing artists of the LPP community can come together in one mighty magic machine of musicreation— regardless of their differences in discipline, culture, style, training, etc.— an experiment in improvised “opera”. The rehearsal process took the form of a workshop by Nathan for the participants, in universal group improvisation languages and leadership role-playing games shared equally by all. At its debut performance 2 weeks later at the Institut Francais Dakar (invited by the Deggi Daaj International Festival 2013), DaKemistry was enjoyed by the public as a captivating spectacle; dramatic, emotional, funny, unpredictable— not unlike watching a heated sports match— which ultimately ended-up as a celebration provocation, for an audience who brought their dance party all the way onto the stage and microphones! With the success of DaKemistry’s debut, Nathan immediately “gave it back” to Les Petites Pierres, who will share the Artistic Directorship of DaKemistry’s future editions.


Flyer for the DaKemistry preview show at Les Petites Pierres

DaKemistry debut edition:

6 June 2013
at Les Petites Pierres (preview)

7 June 2013
at Institut Francais Dakar


Brahim Wone (MA/SN) – bass guitar

Sahad Sarr (SN) – voice & guitar

Mina Lange (DE/JP) – voice & dance

Samuel Symenouh (BJ) – drumset

Corinna Fiora (IT/EG) – voice & dance

Nicholas Chen (US) – violin & dance

Darragh Fingleton (IE) – percussion

Theo Petroni (IT/FR) – laptop & sampling

Minuss Niang (SN) – slam & percussion

Tom Bevan (UK) – drumset & percussion

Francis Manel Bassene (SN) – rap & dance

Masaya Hijikata (JP) – drumset & percussion

Nathan Fuhr (US/SN) – chef d’orchestre


Flyer for the DaKemistry preview show at Les Petites Pierres

DaKemistry second edition:

30 May 2014
at Aula Cervantes


Ibaaku ExStaz (SN) – keyboard & MC

Corinna Fiora (IT/SN) – voice

Francis Manel Bassene (SN) – rap

Sahad Sarr (SN) – voice & guitar

Brahim Wone (MA/SN) – bass guitar

Simon DeBovoise (US) – guitar

Rocky Daba (SN) – bass guitar & voice

Alimatou Baganger (FR) – ukulele & cello

Mina Fuhr (JP/DE) – dance & voice

Brian McComber (US) – drumset

Marcelo Araujo (BR) – drumset

Philippe Leydenbach (LX) – percussion

Aida Colmenero Diaz (ES) – dance & voice

Nathan Fuhr (US/SN) – bass guitar & chef d’orchestre


Flyer for the DaKemistry preview show at Les Petites Pierres

DaKemistry third edition:

18 July 2015
at Les Petites Pierres


Corinna Fiora (IT/SN) – voice & chef d’orchestre

Ibaaku ExStaz (SN) – keyboard & MC

Malick Fall (SN) – percussion

Mina Fuhr (JP/DE) – dance and voice

Colin Hacklander (US) – drumset

Marco Santos (PT) – drumset

Kevin Romain (US) – drumset

Emi Affranchi (FR) – dance

Gael Hottmongo (CM) – voice

Sahad Sarr (SN) – guitar and voice

Conny Schneider (CH) – saxophone

Nathan Fuhr (US/SN) – bass guitar & chef d’orchestre


The public on the stage at the finale of the DaKemistry show at Institute Francais